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12-13 November 

Rangitikei River

N. Z.

Event Safety

Come and join us at Awastone Riverside Haven on the scenic Rangitikei River to celebrate the life of Andrew Martin, who passed away in September 2020.


Andrew was a gold medal winning world champion kayaker, world class kayak and paddle manufacturer, world class athlete and father to Hannah and Lucy. Come and show us your competitive side, 

Andrew would have appreciated it!

  • Warm Up:

Individual Time Trial.
Awastone to Mangarere Road

Here's the plan

  • Classic River Race:

The main event

13 km of exciting grade 1-2 white water,
on the scenic Rangitikei River.
 Utiku to Awastone Riverside  Haven - Mangaweka.

Prize Giving and Hydration 

  • Warm Down:

Rapid Sprinting.
Awastone home rapid.

Prize Giving and Hydration 

Scroll down for further details

Race details

Important Event information

Fun stuff!

  • An ideal event for Coast to Coast training.

  • An ideal event to improve on your white water skills.

  • Celebration at the completion of racing.

Race Rules

  • No timing devices, heart rate monitors or GPS devices are allowed to be worn while racing. 

  • Each competitor will be required to submit a time they think they can complete the course in at registration. 

  • If you race with any piece of equipment which Andrew manufactured, you may be elegible for a time bonus. Classic Race only.

  • Prizes will be allocated on finish times and times calculated by competitors.


​The only place you will want to stay is at Awastone - Riverside Haven. Right on the bank of the Rangitikei River, our weekends racing H.Q and start and finishes for both days of racing.   

contact: to book your stay!

Event safety

  • All competitors must wear a helmet and approved life jacket (6.2kg).

  • Competitors need to be comfortable on grade 2 white water in the kayak they are paddling and be able to self rescue if they capsize.

  • This event is not suitable for craft with under stern rudders.

  • IF the river level is below 27 c/m there will be a portage on the classic course. Where you will have to get out of your kayak and walk around a rapid.  This will be indicated by cones on the river. 

Race details

  • Andrew Martin River Racing weekend will consist of the following events:

  •  Individual Time Trial:

From Awastone to Mangarere Road. Approximately 3km.

  • Classic River Race:

Utiku to Awastone at Mangaweka.

Approximately 13km.​

  • Rapid Sprinting

Awastone home rapid.

Approximately 200m.


Race Events

  • (T)     Time Trial 

  • (C)    Classic race 13km 

  • (R)     Rapid sprint

Craft Categories

  • (WWR)  Wild Water Racer

  • (WHR)   Wave hopper  *

  • (MSB)    Multisport 

  • (DBR)     Double 

*There will be wave hoppers available to use. Please make contact to confirm availability when you register for your entry.


  • Early bird registration will close on Wednesday 9th November 2022.

  • All entries after this date will incur a late fee.

These details can be found in the entry fees below.

Weather you are an Early bird or late entry could you please email your details to: 

  • On the weekend, all registrations will take place at:


 Awastone Riverside Haven,

      143 Ruahine Road, Mangaweka


Follow the signs though the car parking area,

towards the river.


  • Time Trail registration: 8.45am - 9.30am

  • Classic Race registration: 14.00pm -15.00pm. 



  • Rapid Sprint registration: 9.00am - 9.30pm. 

Entry Fees

Your entry fee is a donation reflecting how much its going to hurt, mentally and physically and how rewarding its going to feel once you have crossed the finish lines!

Early bird registration will close on Wednesday 9th November 2022.

  • All entries received after this date online, 


if you are considering entering on the day

will incur the following late entry fees:

1. Double your likely donation amount into AMRRW22 account up until the 11th of November, or on the day cash only.


2. You will need to provide a dozen cold macs or stoke beers or a quality red wine! to support this event!


Your late entry fees can be left when you pick up your race number at registration on the day. 

Donation payment


Your donation can be paid to: 

BNZ  account : 02- 0792- 0051614 - 006

Particulars: Your Name

Code: Race Event/s

(please use the code in brackets next to event).

Reference: Your craft categories.

(Please use code/s in brackets next to the craft).



Saturday 12th  November 2022 Program







Time Trial



Classic River Race.

Briefing; Time Trial



Briefing: Classic Race

Toe Toe Road- Utiku.

Time Trial Start:

Awastone to Mangarere Road.


Classic Race Start: 

Toe Toe Road - Utiku


Prize Giving Day 1

@ Awastone 

Sunday 13th  November 2022 Program





Rapid Sprint Run 1

Awastone home Rapid

Rapid Sprint: Registration


Rapid Sprint Run 2

Awastone home Rapid

Rapid Sprint: Race Briefing


Prize Giving Day 2

@ Awastone  


Location Maps

Registration and Entry

Thanks to our Support Crew for 2022!

  • Classic River Race:

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